Saturday, July 17, 2010

When Love came to town

She looks like a cross between a nun and a college girl. Only a good, strong wind will knock her down. And so far, she's kept the birds away. Say hello to Love, the newest member of our family.

When Byron observed the birds flocking to our tiny garden the other day, and I discovered the gnawed tomato branches, Love came to town. She was dressed in two circa-1975 pillow cases (one cut up for sashes and a head scarf and the other for a skirt), a man's shirt, and a pillowcase stuffed with straw for a head. An old-fashioned girl in her own way, she sports a hoop skirt (inverted tomato cage staked to the ground) and has a spine of cedar (from a tree that didn't make it through last winter). Her pear-branch arms stretch wide for a pose reminiscent of the opening moments of The Sound of Music. And much like the Maria of said musical, she's always smiling and kids love her...hence her name, courtesy of my daughter, Akea. Here she is, in all her scarecrow glory:

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