Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got Animals?

Finally! Green Acres has its first animal (that we know of) in years! However, it's not a cow. It's not a horse. And it's not even a chicken. In fact, we won't be eating this one:

Byron got home from the store last night to find this little creature on our front porch. We think someone may have dropped her off on the side of the road. Byron and I swore never to get a cat...unless one adopted us. It hasn't been twenty-four hours yet, but I'm pretty sure she has. The kids fell in love instantly; Charlie even woke up at 4:00 a.m. and asked if the kitty was still on the porch (I made him go potty, told him the cat was fine, and stumbled back to bed). Akea was up at 7:00 to check on her. As of last night, her name was Rachael, and this morning it morphed into "Frisky." Not sure of the connection, but whatever. So we're planning on making her an outdoor cat, despite the kids' protests, and are hoping she's good at catching mice.

Update: as I was writing this, Byron walked in with a baby doll dress in hand. Apparently the cat had been wearing it moments earlier. Yup, this should be interesting...and at least the cat is tolerant of children. Hopefully Akea won't try to dress up any of our chickens!


  1. S/he is a gorgeous cat (and I"m not a cat person)! Our best pets were the ones that adopted us. True story: our dog-who-adopted-us was supposed to be an outdoor dog. (and we dressed him up in doll clothes and pushed him in a doll stroller.) Then he was allowed in the storage room. Then just on hard floors but no carpet. Then anywhere but the furniture. By the end, he slept on the bed with my parents. So ... just saying. They're sneaky, those adorable pets who adopt you.

  2. That's hilarious! She finally hid under the big boxwood for a while (I thankfully caught Charlie, armed with his sword and shield, on a mission to rescue her). We're hoping she takes to the barn, though she's barely left the front porch. Anyway, one goal today is to try to find some sort of free clinic for shots.