Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Visit!

We love having visitors at Green Acres, so last week when Byron's Aunt Dottie called us from the road and told us they were coming our way on Saturday, we were very excited! The reason this was so significant is that the house had been out of the family for about 20 years, so it's been at least that long since Aunt Dottie and Uncle Hank - and their son Heinrich and his wife Donna - have seen the place!  And this was the first time Heinrich and Donna's daughter, Anna, has seen the place her great-grandparents lived.

Also significant is that this was Aunt Dottie's birthplace; her mother had wanted to be close to her own mother when delivering her first baby...and Aunt Dottie was born right above where I sit, in what is now Charlie's room. Funny to think that home births are making a comeback, when just a few decades ago they were the norm! Anyway, here are some photos from the visit...

Anna encourages the calves to try out some grass.

Aunt Dottie meets Friskies, our first "farm animal."

Uncle Hank and Charlie, who apparently looks just like his Granddaddy (Aunt Dottie's brother and Byron's Dad)

Uncle Hank, Aunt Dottie, Charlie, and Akea

Aunt Dottie and Anna, her granddaughter

Two lovely ladies!

More lovely ladies - Anna with her mom, Donna

I'm not sure why they were checking out the old well???

Father and daughter - Heinrich and Anna

Byron and Uncle Hank

Uncle Hank, Aunt Dottie, and Byron

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