Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Blink: A Brief Re-upholstery Update

This weekend I ditched cleaning the house and got in a couple good hours of re-upholstering the first of our two vintage wingback chairs.  I knew I was going to start forgetting how, exactly, the pieces went together if I didn't continue the project soon.

I had cut out the fabric the previous week, using the old pieces as templates.  I left myself a bit more of a seam allowance, and the process has worked out pretty well...especially since I got the fabric on clearance and knew I'd be cutting it close (pun intended) as to having enough for the project.  The only thing not pictured here is the cushion, which is also complete; that was a mini-project in itself and took me an entire afternoon.

Original and new fabric

These inside pieces were fairly easy to install.  Thus far, everything has been stapled.

Welting along the outside of the wing. 
And this is where I am now: attempting to attach the fabric to the exterior of the wing.  It's beyond tricky and I've removed the staples twice already to try to smooth the fabric out to my satisfaction.  Going to give it one last shot this morning...

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  1. Once you get your learning curve smoothed out, please come over to my house and teach me how to do two of these chairs. They're too good to throw away, but too ugly to offer as guest seating. I'm in awe that you've tackled this.

  2. Your doing a GREAT job! Hang in there you will get the back on it!

  3. Thanks, everyone! I got the exterior wingbacks on and am satisfied with the result. Charade - I have the Singer Upholstery Basics book, which is a great guide.