Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm back...

... sort of.  Actually, this is Byron.  With Laura back at work full-time for the past couple of years, time for blog posts had all but disappeared.  We've been talking about it lately and have decided to work together to try and start posting with some degree of frequency.  Much has changed at the farm in the past nearly two years (one year, 359 days, to be exact) since Laura last posted, but much remains the same as well.  It's our desire to try and bring our farm to life in the posts to follow and give you a vicarious farming experience, if that's what your seeking -- or, at a minimum, a window into our world at Green Legacy Farm.  Given we both work full time and continue to follow pursuits that take us off the farm with more frequency than should occur for a truly sustainable farming experience, it's probably fitting the photo accompanying this post was taken this past fall in Colonial Williamsburg, 100 miles away from the farm.  But, appropriately enough, there are cattle (American Milking Devons) in the background, if you look closely.  On behalf of Laura, Akea, and Charlie, welcome back!  - Byron

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