Saturday, June 26, 2010

Charlie Kwon Do

In honor of the World Cup, my soccer-loving Byron bought the kids some patriotic digs. Charlie loves his red-white-and-blue getup and insists on wearing it for every US soccer match, regardless of their state of cleanliness and the fact that he looks like Rex Kwon Do from Napoleon Dynamite. Here they were quite grubby when we went fishing the other night at a farmer's pond near our house.

But I think the Rex Kwon Do clothes may have superpowers.

The last time we (um, Byron + kids...I hate fishing) attempted to fish at this pond, we spent to bulk of our time hiding out in our car from The Bull. You see, the pond is located on a cattle farm, and the farmer has a bull who has been known to chase down workers from the electrical company and block Byron from getting back to his car while the cows were busy licking the steering wheel. I'm sure he was just watching out for his ladies while he gave Byron a good stare-down accomapnied by an agressive snort or two. Anyway, this last time we went, Charlie was sporting the Rex Kwon Do shorts and I think they warded off The Bull. I even had to use my zoom lens to get a good shot of him as he took a swim with one of the ladies:

Oh, and Byron caught a Big Bass. Bow to your sensei!


  1. Nice bass!
    that bull looks creepy. I got chased by a bull when I was 7 and the dog (a lab) protected me.
    I gave you your first blog award on my blog today! Check it out :-)

  2. I just saw your post...have been off the grid (literally) for a while! Thanks! Yeah, that bull means business.