Monday, April 25, 2011

Fencing the Garden and Painting to History: Green Acres Weekend Update

Byron got a head start on his week of spring break by busting a serious move on fencing in the garden last week.  This involves a hand-operated post hole digger, heavy locust posts he salvaged from an old barn, some cantankerous wire, and discoveries of underground springs.  As this is how we'll (he'll) be fencing in the entire property, he sees this as good practice.  Honestly, I'm not sure how he does it; all I accomplished when I attempted to install four poles for the peas last week were shallow holes and a nice yellow bruise on my left eyebrow.  Anyway, here is one of the clips from Untube University he's been using for tips; this company has a whole series you can watch.

Gate we scored on craigslist and an H-brace to the right of it.  The H-brace is kept plumb with that cantankerous wire, which refused to show itself in the photo.  Figures.  My wobbly pea poles are in the background.

Installing a post.  We had to move the garden in about 25' because Byron discovered an underground spring when digging a hole at the other end.  Future pond, perhaps?

Byron completed one of the longer rows last night, and by the gate we placed an old bench some friends gave us.  Akea immediately saw this as an ideal place for me to read to her about the Aztecs from Story of the World.


Byron feeds the chickens this morning.  They seriously love him.

Below is an old military box of some sort that Byron salvaged from that same barn.  I'm curious as to what this would have been used for, so if you have an inkling I'd love to know.  I washed it down and painted it blue and will use it as toy storage in Charlie's room.

You can see the original green on the bottom; this is probably lead-based paint so I wasn't too keen on Charlie using it without it being repainted.  I painted all those little boxes while Akea listened to her history CD.  So now I know all about Napoleon.  And the Aztecs.

The old latch.

All those little boxes weren't enough, right?  I spent hours of my life painting two sheds, as required by our insurance company.  Next time they require such labor, they'd better send out a babysitter, cook, and maid.

Shed #2 - the old corn crib.

We hired a friend of ours to paint the barn since I don't do heights above, say, 10'.  He did a great job...
...but I kind of miss that rustic look.  I'm planning on painting some white accents around the doors and windows eventually.
We also ordered 50 Cornish Cross meat birds, 20 Rhode Island Red hens, 1 Rhode Island Red rooster, and one Mystery Chick they're throwing in for free.  Can't wait to meet Mystery Chick.  All our little hatchlings should be arriving mid-June, which will give us some time to build housing for them and procure feed.

Inside, all three toilets are leaking but we've had to postpone replacing the plumbing because we don't have time to pick out new fixtures right now, and we're not sure what to do about the downstairs bathroom(s).  We've been thinking of getting rid of the half-bath, which means guests would have to use our bathroom or the one upstairs.  Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's an issue we need to resolve soon.  However, we did hang some of our photos in the parlor, so we're beginning to feel like normal people.  I think.

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  1. We fenced in our garden this weekend too. I got all the seeds in yesterday. I hope they grow. Turns out we picked a really rocky spot so we're not sure. Next year we'll likely relocate.

  2. Have you considered raised beds? We're thinking of eventually doing those, but there is such a big upfront cost to them. If we can cut some cedars from our property to make them, I think it might be worth it.

  3. I love your fog! I'm sure living with it has it's downfalls but it looks amazingly majestic in your pictures!