Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seedlings Survive Moving Mayhem

I use an agenda to remind myself of appointments, obligations, etc., but with the recent storm of activity that came with getting ready to close on Other House (the days of the double mortgage are numbered!), I was jotting down things like, "water seedlings," "do laundry," and "feed children."  You get the idea.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was attempting to start plants from seed this year, and for the most part, they've done well.  After the seedlings sprouted, I put them in a south-facing window, and I also hung an inexpensive fluorescent light from the ceiling to give them some extra TLC.  Today I put some of the spring vegetables outside for a few hours to "harden them off."  I'll do the same tomorrow and Friday, and then on Saturday I may actually get a chance to plant!  My poor seed potatoes have been sitting in a box for a couple weeks now, so they're getting planted a bit late due to moving the rest of our stuff up from Other House last weekend.  My friend, Christy, told me last year that she heard potatoes should be planted around St. Patrick's Day.  Whoops.  Let's hope they have the luck of the Irish.

Tomatoes.  Their "true leaves" haven't sprouted yet.  Click here to learn how to make these great starter pots!

Lettuce and broccoli.

Sugar snap peas.  I had to transfer them into a smaller version of the newspaper starter pot mentioned above, and I have more sprouting above the fridge.  To make these starter pots, I simply used smaller newspaper strips and a small glass jar to form them.

Here's the only moving photo you'll get (call it pride, but I'm not going to post photos of what my house looks like right now online)!  When I was sorting through my clothes this morning, Charlie unearthed my old black beret from my art freak days.  Akea is doing a ballet move of some sort. 
We're now in the process of unpacking, organizing, and planting our 23 fruit trees.  And as always, making this farmhouse into a home.  Thanks again for sticking with me through this!  And for those family and friends who have helped us out during this time through meals, childcare, and moving...we can't thank you enough!

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