Monday, October 17, 2011

You Might Be a Guinea If...

A few weeks ago we found a good deal on three guineas, and as they've been growing, it even appears that we managed to pick out one male and two females...just what we wanted.  However, these fowl, which originate from Africa, have proven quirky, to say the least.  So from our novice experience as guinea owners, we've found that you might be a guinea if...

1. You're so ugly that you're cute.
2. The size of your head is directly proportional to your I.Q. (Seriously. I think they might be the dumbest creatures on God's green earth.)
3. You successfully ingest the stink bug the neighbor brings over, then proceed to fertilize the front porch with it.
4.  You knock on the front and back doors with your beak.
5. You insist on roosting on the garden fence and must be caught and physically placed into the hen house every single night.
6. You chase my mom to her car.
7. You eventually get tired of being caught every single night and take matters into your own hands by roosting on the chimney.
8. You decorate said chimney to make it look like it's been TP'd.
9. You randomly make either cute chirping noises or loud death squawks.
10. You eat the Barred Rocks' food because they think you're their baby.

Do you have any experience raising guinea fowl?  Do yours act as bizarre as ours do?

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  1. We have 5. Well, we had 6, but something took one during the night. We are very very fortunate in the fact they will put themselves to bed inside the coop every night (except that one night when one was taken, they "forgot" to go to bed inside). I am in LOVE with these birds. They are hysterically funny, stupid as all get out, and the most ridiculous things scare them, but things that should scare them, do not. The whole flock of them chased off a feral male cat the other day. They looked like a gang of bikers chasing off that cat.

  2. It sounds like yours are just as silly as ours! I'm hoping ours start roosting with the Barred Rocks; I mentioned the chimney but have no idea where they roosted last night. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I will never forget my heart stopping in my chest when my mother-in-law's dog came around the corner of their house with Perky the guinea hanging limply from his jaws. I thought my mom-in-law had lost her mind when she saw that and laughed. Just then the dog spit Perky out onto the ground whereupon that crazy guinea underwent an amazing and immediate recovery and began chasing the dog back around the house again. Apparently it was their favorite game (and trick to play on visitors!).