Saturday, September 1, 2012

Table, Farmhouse Style

A couple weeks ago I donned one of those heavy-duty air filtration masks that made me look like a cool chick on a DIY show (minus the designer jeans that never seem to get dirty).  I wish I had a photo (maybe), but I do have a couple photos of the farmhouse table we had made, finally finished!

I used four coats of Waterlox, the final being a satin finish.  The center is the leftover heart pine flooring we couldn't use in the house; the frame is walnut from an old beam.

The legs are also walnut, reclaimed from an old table.
One project down...many more to go.

I'm linking up with Rural Thursdays and Farmgirl Friday!


  1. That will be a nice table, the surface looks really sealed to where you can clean it easy.

  2. That table is beautiful and looks so well made. It will be a family item for years and years to come!!!