Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And Then the Cow(bell) Came Home

A couple weeks ago, Byron's Aunt Dottie sent me an e-mail wrought with mystery.  My in-laws had visited her and Uncle Hank on a cross-country trip, and apparently she had given them something for us.  Byron and I mused over this mystery, but this cowbell was nowhere near any of our guesses!

The thing that's so special about this cowbell - besides seriously being one of the coolest things I've ever seen - is the story behind it.  Back when she was a teenager, Aunt Dottie was a cheerleader at the local high school, and her grandfather, Charles Green, gave her this bell to use at football games.  You may recall that Charles Green was Byron's great-grandfather, and that this house was originally built by him.  We own 5 1/2 acres of the original farm, but back in the day it was a 51-acre dairy farm.  Byron's dad said that this was the bell that the lead cow would wear, and according to Byron's Aunt Sue, she and her siblings would "help" their grandparents drive the cows from place to place, though she admitted that they may not have been as much help as they thought!

Aunt Dottie wanted the cowbell that she'd kept all these years to come home again, and Byron and I are so honored that she passed it on to us!

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