Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to Plant a Tree...or Not

I mentioned in a recent post that we have four new fruit trees.  Well, bring that down to three.  In several easy steps, here's how to reduce your fruit tree population:
1. Get into pickup truck.
2. Start engine.
3. Shift into reverse.
4.  Back up.
5. Keep backing up.
6.  Back up a little more.
7. Shift into drive.
8. Drive several miles.
9. Get flagged down by passing motorist.
10. Stop truck.  Get out.
11. Observe fruit tree wedged under trailer hitch of truck.
12. Place call to owner of fruit tree and fess up to mishap.

But I won't fess up as to the guilty party!  Here's our Orient Pear tree now:

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