Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I tried, really, I tried. But this is a must-read!

Didn't I comment recently that I tried not to get political in this blog?  Do you mind if I rescind that, for just one post?

Amy from Homestead Revival just wrote about the implications of the government's approval to allow Monsanto to sell GMO, RoundUp Ready alfalfa seeds.  I ask you to click here to read her very informative post.

In short, the alfalfa, which most dairy animals consume, has been genetically modified at the cellular level, modifying the DNA with something outside the plant kingdom.  And RoundUp?  That's just an herbicide.  An herbicide with an active ingredient that's highly toxic to humans and animals.  Maybe not right away, but who wants to build up something toxic in his or her body over the years and see what happens?  I don't.

Again, please read Amy's post.  And if it scares you as much as it did me, consider following one of her suggestions to act.  Current and future generations will thank you!

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