Monday, March 14, 2011

Green Acres Weekend Update

Byron has spent a lot of time the past couple weeks clearing out an old fence row that had become very overgrown over the past couple decades or so.  His reasons were to try to eliminate the copious amounts of poison ivy growing there, open up the land to the back of the property so it can eventually be used for pasture, create fence posts from cedar trees, and obtain more firewood.  Here's some of what he did, in photos:

Poison ivy root.  I helped Byron pull these up because I supposedly had this superpower that made me immune to poison ivy.  Seriously, I spent the whole summer steeped in to while I was picking blackberries.  But the roots have become my kryptonite.  I'll spare you a photo of my leg.
Here's a photo of what the poison ivy did to Byron's arm.  Our advice?  AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!
Amazingly enough, Byron's Great-Granddaddy's fence is still somewhat intact in places (including the cedar posts he used). 
Byron would like to build a fence using cedar, and began stockpiling posts by cutting cedar trees from the overgrown fence row. 
Cedar is very rot-resistant, sustainable, and for us, free!
Right now we supplement our heat with the woodstove in the winter, though we'd like to heat only with wood in the future.  Here are maples that were cluttering the fence row. 
When stockpiling firewood, you have to think ahead.  Firewood needs at least a year to dry out (am I right, Byron?)...otherwise the moisture content makes your woodstove less efficient.
Byron has since cleared out the maples, but this gives you an idea of what he's been up to.  He cleared out the whole area from the huge pin oak on the right all the way over to the woodpiles .
A small bite of all we need to do, but a bite nonetheless.

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  1. Wow- you had a productive weekend! Sure glad we don't have poison ivy around our homestead... We just have rattlesnakes instead. ;) Thanks for sharing this post at the Homestead Barn Hop!

  2. It actually took a few weeks! :) But we're glad to have one task down (with many more to go).

  3. Sorry you lost your SuperMom immunity. We use that poison ivy soap for after we've been tackling it. It really does work so long as you shower with it right afterwards (you can pick it up in Walmart in the camping section).

    Also, you might check out this blog - I think you'd like it:

  4. Nice post about the hard work involved with homesteading and doing for oneself...I popped over from the Barn Hop today! It's fun to meet others and I always learn something new!

  5. Lisa...I'll be picking up some of that soap!

    Thanks for stopping by, Deborah Jean! I'll be sure to check out your Farmgirl Friday!

  6. I love that you are a *jack of all trades* !
    Great post. We have alot of fallen timber that we need to put to good use. And we have posion ivy to be rid of too!

    happy day!