Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Four-Year-Old Metal Detector

Last summer, Byron borrowed my brother's metal detector to do some relic hunting on our property, and he's definitely found a few interesting things.  But truth be told, he's unearthed more nails and random scraps of metal than anything else, which has been frustrating.  Because this land has been picked over, he's been thinking that he needs a newer metal detector that can sense the presence of Civil War belt buckles - and the like - just waiting to be unearthed but buried too deeply at the moment.  Until we discovered that we had a four-year-old metal detector right under our noses.

Charlie, like most boys, loves to dig and is always asking to dig holes in the yard.  As a female, I don't exactly understand this urge, but that's okay.  So this weekend Byron found a place for Charlie to dig, and dig he did.  Though he didn't find the coveted Civil War belt buckle, he unearthed this:

We're not sure if this horseshoe is Civil War era or Great-Granddaddy Green era.  But one thing's for sure: it's old!

Just to give you an idea of how deep Charlie's holes are!  Needless to say, the pants he was wearing are soaking in the sink as I write this.
And you'll be the first to know Charlie's next discovery!


  1. How fun! We once rented a log cabin built in 1862. I found an old trash pit in the back and spent many a day digging. Found some really neat old bottles :-)

  2. Very cool! The guy who lived here before us found a Revolutionary War button, too!