Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pining Rewarded

Before Christmas, Byron found a cool, shabby-chic type of hutch in an antique store downtown.  Unfortunately, it was over our budget, though that was no surprise given the serious antique-seekers our downtown attracts.  So when I saw it, I kind of turned my nose up at it and decided I could find something cheaper and better on craigslist.  Months went by with no such luck, and I couldn't stop pining over the darn thing!

So a few weeks ago I decided to see if said hutch was still available.  Not only was it still there, but the price had been reduced to something we could afford!  So after some measuring and mulling, we decided to offer it a new home. 

Our hutch's temporary home.  To clear out some cabinet space in the kitchen, I filled it with stuff I'd canned last summer.  To my surprise, I packed the two lower shelves hiding behind the bottom doors!  Anyway, we think the hutch was once a built-in (notice the lack of crown molding on the top right), but we have a perfect place for it.
Old hardware = lots of character
Beadboard backing
The shelf and back are made of tongue-and-groove boards.  Solid stuff.
So am I excited to have another project?  Sort of.  Although much is unfinished around here, the hutch is something we needed and something we knew would fit the character of the home.  Funny I say that, because I used to be into ultra-modern furniture and decor.  Though I still appreciate modern done well, my tastes have evolved to the point that I appreciate pieces that are timeless more.  Be it the character, the workmanship, or the fact that I'm somehow saving a tiny bit of our natural resources by buying something used, I can honestly say that in ten years I won't be tired of looking at this.


  1. Very cute piece. I wish we had room for something like that. Our house is just too small though. The only spot would be where the toy bins are by the dining table, but once the toy bins are gone I'm hoping to get my grandparents' piano from my aunt and put that there.

  2. Small houses can be a blessing. :) Glad you like it!