Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Good Read or Two

It's not a book recommendation this time.  Since we're in that nebulous time between winter projects and spring busyness, I thought I'd share a couple articles I read recently.

Okay, I know I post about this guy a lot, but honestly, he's spot-on.  The first is by Joel Salatin, addressing the issue of food elitism and the guilt some of us may feel over spending more of our income on food.  I've been wrestling with this a bit lately, as I browse websites loaded with testimonials on couponing and saving megabucks at the grocery store.  Sure, there's a place for coupons, but I keep thinking that with the time it takes to do the actual clipping, organizing, keeping abreast of sales...not to mention the hours (and gas) used to make multiple trips to multiple grocery stores...I'm here planting, canning, freezing, and cooking fresh food.  So if you need to be encouraged in your endeavors to eat local, click to read "Rebel With a Cause: Foodie Elitism."

The next article is a post from a blog I ran into, called Cold Antler Farm.  The post, entitled  "Apartment 3A Farm!" encourages people who want to farm, to matter where they are!  I know several people who want more land, but have wisely resigned to staying in their neighborhoods because of the slow housing market.  Two families we know are actually using their front yards since these get more sunlight!  My friend Jen just told me she's shifting some ornamentals to make room for fruit-bearing bushes and trees, and some other friends are putting in raised beds and have started diligently composting.  Anyone wanting to live a bit more sustainably will find this to be an encouraging read!

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