Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Bought Nazguls in the Tractor Supply Parking Lot

Did you know you could buy Nazguls?  We didn't, until a couple weeks ago.  I thought they could only be found in Middle Earth or in grandiose and somewhat erroneous Hollywood flicks; never did I imagine they could be bought and sold.

But you can, indeed, buy Nazguls.  As it so happens, we bought some last fall.  We thought we were buying guineas, but the past couple weeks have proven otherwise.  For the longest time, they were roosting with the Barred Rocks, but ever since we began rotating the chickens onto fresh pasture again, they have become confused and have returned to roosting in the oak tree at the back corner of the house.  And you know what they do when they roost?  They screech, just like (you guessed it) Nazguls.

They screech when we turn the lights on.  They screech when we turn the lights off.  The screech as I'm doing the dishes.  They screech when Byron and I try to talk.  They screech at 2 a.m.  They screech at 3 a.m.  They screech at...well, you get the idea.

And during the day?  They knock on the door.  Imagine me, home with my kids, hearing a knock at the door and thinking a friend has stopped by.  But instead, I see this:

Go back to Middle Earth.  Please.
Tolkien never wrote about Nazguls possibly being the antidote to squash bugs, but they did expertly slay some termites the other day when Byron dug up an old stump.  So for the interim, I will endure being the not-so-proud owner of Nazguls, and hope they break bad on some garden pests this summer.

If they don't, I may have to call in Eowyn.  Unless you have any advice as to how to quiet a guinea Nazgul.

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  1. I was on someone else's blog, and your post was listed on the sidebar. Love a good movie reference.

    Anyway, anyone who can reference Lord of the Rings in conjunction with farm animals has got to be pretty cool. Nice to meet you!

  2. Funny! Cute photo. It was mentioned to me this past week that we should get some Guineas and I put my foot down on that one :0

  3. We had several guineas, but due to a predator problem last year, we are down to one male. Trust me, they are fun to watch and will win your heart. :)

    1. Ironically, they roosted with the hens the night after I wrote this! They must have known something was up...

  4. And now? I know never to buy guineas ;-)